YouTube sales to be led by P&G exec behind Old Spice viral success

Lucas Watson, digital marketing director at Procter & Gamble, has been named vice president of sales and marketing for Google’s YouTube and video. Watson, who helped launch Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” will be charged with increasing the flow of TV ad dollars to YouTube.  Advertising Age (tiered subscription model)

Why social-media marketers should expect the worst

Social-media marketers should acknowledge and plan for the possibility that somewhere along the line things will go horribly wrong, writes David Armano. Unprepared companies tend to panic and shut down their social efforts at the first sign of trouble, but by planning ahead it’s usually possible to minimize the fallout from social-media firestorms. “The bottom line is that a truly social business must be prepared for any scenario thrown at them in … public forums,” Armano argues.  Logic+Emotion

Boucher to introduce Web-privacy bill

Rep. Rick Boucher, the Democrat in charge of the House communications subcommittee, will today introduce a new privacy bill seeking to impose strict limits on online behavioral targeting. Under the new rules, advertisers and website operators would have to disclose all data gathered about users’ surfing habits, explain precisely how it’s used and give users a chance to opt out. The bill could also place new limits on how location-based social networks use mobile-phone data.  National Journal/Tech Daily Dose blog

Study: Consumers less likely to trust their friends

People are becoming less inclined to trust information they get from their friends, a study by Edelman shows. The percentage of people who say they view their friends and peers as credible sources declined from 45% in 2009 to 25% in 2010, the study found. Edelman CEO Richard Edelman suggests marketers shouldn’t rely solely on peer-to-peer marketing. “It’s a more skeptical time,” Edelman says. “If companies are looking at peer-to-peer marketing as another arrow in the quiver, that’s good, but they need to understand it’s not a single-source solution.”  Advertising Age

GOP social network off to bumpy start

The Republican Party has vowed to create a social network that rivals the Democratic Party’s digital operation. is integrated with popular social-networking sites, offers blogs penned by GOP Chairman Michael Steele and provides a platform for Republicans to organize. The site crashed soon after launching Tuesday, but has since recovered.  Christian Science Monitor, The/Horizons blog

How ad networks, agencies are dealing with click fraud

Undertone Networks, which is among the ad networks trying to address client concerns about click fraud, has pledged to compensate marketers $50,000 if display ads are not placed on the right sites. Agencies are using firms like DoubleVerify, Anchor Intelligence and AdXpose to monitor display ad placements for their clients.  Wall Street Journal, The/Digits blog

Yahoo!’s “mid-market” ad clients have one-stop for display, search

Yahoo! has taken a major step toward the integration of its sales efforts for its display and search ad units. The portal has hired ex-Microsoft ad sales chief Seth Dallaire to lead its search and display sales teams serving “mid-market” ad clients, and has reorganized operations so that both divisions now answer to Dallaire, per this article.  ClickZ