Twitter seeks billion-dollar loan ahead of IPO


Twitter may go public sometime in the next two months, sources say, with Goldman Sachs likely to lead the initial public offering. The social network reportedly is seeking a credit line of as much as $1 billion ahead of the IPO — a standard practice intended to help smooth over any pre-IPO jitters, but one that might also allow the network to make additional acquisitions to increase its appeal to investors. New York Post 

What consumers will and won’t share

Consumers are much more willing to share with brands information about their shopping habits than to share personal or location data, according to a study from McCann WorldGroup’s McCann Truth Central. The study also found that 55% of those surveyed don’t want companies to share data with third parties and about half expressed a wish to know about and control data sharing.  DMNews 

How marketers can balance search and social media

Social media marketing and search engine optimization form a “virtuous circle,” with each feeding off the other, says GroupM Search CEO Chris Copeland. The key for marketers is finding a balance between the two, based on their brand’s specific needs and target audience. “Brands need to have a strategy for connecting and execute on this strategy by determining the right media type for the moment. … If brands cannot measure the movement and connectivity between their brand and consumers, they have lost sight of their own relevance in the process and then outcomes will be questionable,” Copeland says. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media

Moving your blog? Read this before hitting “delete”

Edelman Executive Vice President Steve Rubel recently established a new Web hub on Tumblr — and deleted both his old blogs, along with hundreds of posts he’d written for them. That sweeping act may have been intended to consolidate his Web presence and make him easier to find — but it also risked destroying the search engine optimization Rubel had built up over the years, writes Pamela Seiple. “[F]or small businesses that are trying to make a name for themselves and beat out their competitors on the Web, such a radical move would be ridiculous,” Seiple writes.

4 ways to take the pain out of pitching to bloggers

Public relations pros should do their homework before making a pitch to a blogger, media consultant Jason Falls said during a session at BlogWorld. It’s important to understand a blogger’s niche and their personal style, then tailor pitches to meet their needs and be prepared to handle questions about advertising, Falls said.  SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media

7 ways to fuse SEO and social outreach

Social media and search engine optimization should go hand in hand, Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing said at a BlogWorld event this week. No matter how engaging and carefully crafted your social content, Odden says, you still need to make sure your users are able to find you; and, once users find your content, it needs to be engaging enough to retain their attention.  SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media

For marketers, social chatter is only the beginning

Social buzz is a powerful marketing tool, but it isn’t the “Holy Grail of consumer intelligence” that it’s sometimes made out to be, Alan Zorfas writes. It’s good to know that consumers are tweeting positive messages about your brand, but the deeper question is why they’re doing so. Only by understanding the emotional drivers behind social chatter can marketers create truly effective messages for their brands, Zorfas argues.  MediaPost Communications/Marketing Daily