VGTI Florida Announces the Launch of Its New Website


Friday 06-14-13 — FCEdge in the News — For a new website we just finished for VGTI Florida.

Click here to view the article and visit the website at

6 ways to ensure your time on social media is time well spent

It’s easy to set up a presence for your business on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, but doing so without putting in the necessary work is a waste of time, writes Malcolm Faulds. To keep customers interested, pick the right social sites for your business, tailor your message to your customers and offer exclusive deals, he advises. 

Stop looking for a single way to measure ROI

The pursuit of a stable way to measure social media return on investment is founded on a false premise, writes Brian Solis. Rather than seeking a single static set of tools with which to measure ROI, we should seek tools that relate directly to our goals in any given moment. “R.O.I is specific to an outcome or a goal, which means that there is no one answer,” Solis writes.

Why bloggers should be cautious when it comes to swag

Bloggers increasingly find themselves bombarded by marketing swag, with brands hoping to get positive mentions by giving their products away to key digital influencers. That’s a nice perk, but it can raise questions about blogging ethics and decorum, experts say. “You can’t just take, take, take and not offer any value back,” says “Mom Blogging for Dummies” author Wendy Piersall. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Social Media

Can Apple and Twitter break Facebook’s grip on Web ID?

Apple’s decision to integrate Twitter’s services into its mobile operating system makes the social site “the luckiest company on earth,” Path CEO Dave Morin said after hearing the news. The move could help establish Twitter handles as a viable online-identification alternative to Facebook Connect, offering a system that’s less closely wedded to users’ actual real-world identity, Liz Gannes writes. “Facebook’s ownership of Web identity was becoming almost disturbingly prevalent. So for the sake of interestingness, it’s good to see Twitter getting a boost,” Gannes writes.  All Things D

Blog: Facebook buttons are “crack rock for publishers”

Web publishers are growing addicted to the traffic generated by Facebook’s “like” button, and that’s generating a vast amount of valuable user data, Christopher Mims writes. Publishers aren’t likely to kick their habit anytime soon, so Facebook’s data trove is likely to grow, Mims writes. “Those Like buttons have the potential to be, essentially, a window on the browser history of every Facebook user on the planet — all 700 million of them,” he writes.  MIT Technology Review online/Mims’s Bits blog

Minority users help fuel Twitter growth, study finds

Twitter is used by 13% of U.S. adults, according to a study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Minorities are likely to play an increasingly important role in the service’s user base, as 25% of black Web users are on Twitter, compared with 9% of non-Hispanic white Internet users, the study finds. Twitter has become more popular among Web users between the ages of 30 and 49 since November, according to the study.  Pew Internet