The Best Collaboration of All Time


Internet titans Google and Twitter are teaming up with publishers such as The Guardian and The New York Times to create a way for articles online to load faster. The goal is to create a universal standard for publishers which can be used to create a new kind of storage system that would load online news articles in a matter of a few milliseconds. The project is still in its early stages and testing will start within the next four to six weeks.


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Capture Video, Translate It Into Data


With more online content moving to video, there needs to be a way to take that video and analyze the parts. Vu Digital is launching new technology to help customers figure out what’s actually going on inside videos, online and otherwise.

Vu Digital’s Video-to-Data product actually breaks down a video frame-by-frame, identifies the objects in each frame, and then creates a chronological transcript identifying things like music, dialogue, faces, logos, text and graphics.

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Twitter and Google Target Logged Out Users


Earlier this week rumors spread about Twitter teaming up with Google in regards to a firehose agreement that will bring Tweets back into Google search pages in an effort to try to target users that are logged out of Twitter. By bringing Tweets onto a Google search page, a logged out user who clicks on a tweet will automatically be brought to a page (with ads of course) where the user can log back in.

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