Stop looking for a single way to measure ROI

The pursuit of a stable way to measure social media return on investment is founded on a false premise, writes Brian Solis. Rather than seeking a single static set of tools with which to measure ROI, we should seek tools that relate directly to our goals in any given moment. “R.O.I is specific to an outcome or a goal, which means that there is no one answer,” Solis writes.

6 ways to ruin a Promoted Tweet campaign

Marketers are understandably excited about Twitter’s Promoted Tweets system — but it’s all too easy for a Twitter campaign to fall flat, writes David Berkowitz. Treating Promoted Tweets like a traditional media buy, using ad copy instead of real tweets, or letting Promoted Tweets distract you from your regular Twitter account can put you well on the way to an epic failure, he writes.  MediaPost Communications/Social Media Insider

Analysis: Drug-ad rules and new media

The FDA needs to develop guidelines for online pharmaceutical ads that reflect the differences between the way information about benefits and risks is conveyed via different media, consumer groups and marketers say. “You can’t just take the same rules from print and TV and put them online,” said David Zinman, Yahoo!’s vice president of display advertising. “The goal isn’t just to help advertisers. It’s also to help consumers.”  Los Angeles Times