The future of Facebook

To realize its massive commercial potential, Facebook needs to start branching out, writes Sramana Mitra. A few carefully chosen acquisitions — a travel site, perhaps a jobs-listings site — could transform the company and help it cash in on its colossal user base, Mitra argues. “Facebook, with a little effort, can pick up a superb portfolio of companies that will give the company highly scalable monetization models,” she writes.  Forbes


One response to “The future of Facebook

  1. What scares me about the future of Facebook is the fact that it will use the massive amounts of information is has gathered about its users and exploit it for gain.

    In my first article on my blog, entitled Facebook is Going Bye Bye, I talked about how Crackbook, I mean Facebook, was once a site that was based on exclusiveness and privacy. Now none of those exist.

    Facebook’s future, in my opinion, should be a return to what it once was.

    Another Day On Facebook

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